Lame Duck
Lame Duck Defined
  1. Merriam-Webster
    1. an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor
    2. one whose position or term of office will soon end
  3. Urban Dictionary
  4. Wikipedia

Free Software Giveaway Now Completed

The Lame Duck Challenge is now complete. We will be emailing those of you who signed up for serial numbers in the next few days. We have extended the period where you can register the serial number until November 30th 2008. So don't rush to register the serial number, you have plenty of time. Again we apologize for the downtime of the website. It has been an interesting day, and we Thank You in advance for your patience.

Finally, we are going to conclude the Lame Duck Presidential Challenge today, as Jon Parshall explains in his blog entry.

Watch this video (not on our server <grin>) for more information about CodeWeavers and the Lame Duck Challenge.

Goal Achieved! Oh Crap--My Bad!

My fellow Americans. As you probably know by now, we recently succeeded in reaching one of our Lame Duck Presidential Challenge Goals. Of course, we reached it in perhaps the worst way possible -- by destroying the world economy. And while ostensibly President Bush was to get the credit/blame for meeting our goals, the bottom line is that I cannot help but feel personally responsible for the greatest financial collapse since the 1930s.

How was I to know that President Bush would take my challenge so seriously? And, give the man credit, I didn't think there was *any* way he could pull it off. But engineering a total market meltdown - wow - that was pure genius. I clearly underestimated the man.

I'm ashamed that I goaded him into this and take full responsibility for the collapse of any savings you might have. Please accept our free software as my way of apologizing for the global calamity we now find ourselves embroiled in.

Media Buzz

BBC declares Bush Lame Duck: An article discussing the failure to pass bailout legislation. The article states - "George W Bush, his authority sapped anyway by his abiding unpopularity, is very much in the Lame Duck phase of the closing days of his presidency."

AP Video: Unemployment Data Shows Ongoing Weakness

Colbert Report – on Whether Bush is a Lame Duck

Bernanke on Gas Prices/Jobs/Housing: (July 15, Comments on Economy to Senate Banking Committee)